Progress Update: 24 Grow and eat 5 different fruit/vegetables

The greenhouse is packed full of little shoots at the moment, so i’m hoping that with a bit of good weather I can get some of this stuff into the ground so it can start producing some delicious vegetables.

In the greenhouse at the moment I have

Yellow courgettes
Three different types of tomato
Jalapeno chilli peppers
Broad beans
French beans

All being well this could be a challenge that I can complete this year, and that doesn’t include the strawberries, blackberries or rhubarb that are growing in the garden too.

Onwards and upwards.



Progress update: 14 Clear all of my student loan

Some good news about my student loan this week.

After scrabbling around for the login details I was able to get access to my account. From there I was able to complete a payment calculator (for the last financial year) which worked out that I have approximately £1300 left on my student loan.

Based on what I am currently paying each month before tax (£200) this means that in I should have my student loan cleared by September.

That’s a lot sooner than I thought, but it cannot come quick enough to getting it paid off completely. There is always the possibility of paying additional chunks of cash to get it paid off earlier, but at the moment its a nice little salary sacrifice!

Onwards and upwards 🙂


Geocaching Pt2

I know I haven’t written a post in a while, and truth be told I need to get back into the groove.

I have been working on my list, but I haven’t done as much as I would have liked.

There have been a couple of geocaching trips since my last post. One was to Bentley wood where we ticked off another eight or so caches as part of a loop that we started last year. However being the idiot I am, I managed to take the wrong path and ended up missing the final three caches on the loop. I’m sure we will be back one day, it’s just a shame that the three we missed are somewhere with no parking.

The second set were in Tytherley, again another loop we started previously before the kids got tired and wanted to go home. This time we took two cars so that we could park one at the end and the other at our start (which was 1/3 of the way around). It took a good few hours to complete and we were tired by the end of it, but it was well worth the trip with some amazing scenery and some great challenges (like being stalked by some cows through a field, walking through a field of newly born lambs, or watching a hare dart out of its burrow directly in front of us).

All in all, a great trip and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Current Geocache Total: 121

A geocaching kind of day

This morning we noticed the weather was going to be ok this morning but get progressively worse as the day went on. We therefore decided to get in a few geocaches before lunch.

We returned to one of our previous incomplete loops in Farley and managed to get a further 12 geocaches registered. It would have been 15 but I took a wrong turn in Bentley wood and took us past 3 caches 😦

All in all a productive morning and further along on the geocache target of 250.

Current count: 103 completed

ideas for 41×41

So it’s time to start putting together a list of things that I want to accomplish by the time I am 41.

I started with a longer list than this and starting taking some out either because they didn’t really make sense, or they were very achievable stepping stones onto something bigger and better.

  1. Cycle 25 miles in one go
  2. Cycle 50 miles in one go
  3. Complete a wiggle cycle event
  4. Complete Dulwich to Dunwich
  5. Complete London to Brighton
  6. Cycle in a different country
  7. Teach Olivia to ride a bike
  8. Teach Jack to ride a bike
  9. Save £1000
  10. Save £5000
  11. Save £10000
  12. Buy a house!
  13. Start paying into a pension
  14. Clear all of my student loan
  15. Improve my credit rating (what is it at the moment and how do I improve it).
  16. Start paying into an account for Olivia & Jack
  17. Reach 250 completed geocaches
  18. Complete a parachute jump
  19. Read 100 books
  20. Visit 5 different countries
  21. Buy a DSLR and submit 1 photo to a photography competition
  22. Take Olivia and Jack to their first ever football match
  23. Eat at a Michelin Star Restaurant
  24. Build a sandcastle on 10 different beaches
  25. Go camping
  26. Do a massive zipwire
  27. Swim in a waterfall
  28. Do a massive jump into water
  29. Complete a bungee jump
  30. Complete a 5k run
  31. Complete a 10k run
  32. Run with bulls
  33. Take the family to the Tomatina festival
  34. Learn to juggle
  35. Build a treehouse
  36. Grow and eat 5 different fruit/vegetables
  37. Complete marketing masters
  38. Write 100 blog posts
  39. Complete 5 online courses
  40. Go on a roadtrip with Chrissie
  41. Celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary

Now that I have my full list, I need to start splitting it down into categories so that I can make it more manageable.


First blog post – what is this all about

Yesterday I turned 35.

It dawned on me that whilst I have a career plan, I don’t have the same thing for my personal life.

I decided I wanted to achieve five ‘things’ by the time I was 40. But then I realised by only doing five things, that they all had to be pretty substantial and that it also made it easier to miss those targets (a bad injury, or busy with work/family). I didn’t want to get to 40 and not done those five things I set out to achieve.

It’s worth pointing out that when I hit 30 I thought about doing five things, but never actually bothered. Life gets in the way when you are busy making plans and all that.

So I thought about doing 40 things. It didn’t matter if they were steps to a bigger challenge, or the big challenge itself – so long as it got me in the right direction. It would also serve as motivation to get myself going. Sadly someone already has the 40by40 free domain, so I ended up with 41×41. At least that way I can well and truly say that I am in my forties then.

I don’t know what the challenges will be at this stage. I’m sure they will come in the next week or so.

Bring it on!